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4 Ways IT Leaders Should Embed a Culture of Learning

When IT leaders enable a culture of learning in the company, employees are more aligned with the value delivery model. Adapting to new technologies is a common expectation today. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Thomas Squeo shares how IT leaders should embed a culture of learning.

The Beginning of Culture of Learning

Due to the scarcity of talents, you cannot expect to hire for every new tool. To leverage technologies like cloud services and development methodologies like DevOps, you must have experienced full-time employees. Unlike common myths, creating an innovative culture does not limit to revamping office spaces. Here’s how the IT leaders should embed a culture of learning:

Have Regular Audits: IT organizations have audits frequently. Train the employees so that they know what to expect from those inspections. It helps them follow the guidelines and be knowledgeable about industry standards. It can serve as a kickoff procedure to encourage a culture of learning in the company.

Stress on Professional Upscaling: To wrap a working professional’s head around the culture of learning, maintain an in-house committee to encourage learning. There should be deans and professors that would track every individual’s professional progress. Though it is optional, your engineers will find it helpful to increase their skills to the next level.

Have a Team of Enablers: Create teams of enablers that would guide project teams on areas like cloud nativity, SAFe, public cloud utilization, etc. The facilitators will be a mix of experienced professionals with varied seniority and roles. Once a project team starts working, they will support the team for the initial sprints. They can then move on to a different project team. The cost-effective procedure will allow faster transfer of in-house knowledge to practical application.

Gather a Team to Cater to In-house Interests: The team will look after the interests of the employees. Non-tech employees might take an interest in AI and ML. This team will fulfill the aspirations and curiosity of employees that have no direct skills or experience. By encouraging people to learn these skills, you can enable cross-functional crossover.

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